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King Eider's Pub In 1996, Sherry and Larry Schneider opened King Eider's Pub in Damariscotta, Maine. Shortly thereafter, it became one of the few restaurants on Maine's Midcoast to serve oysters. Imagine! Maine has some of North America's finest oyster beds and only a handful of restaurants were serving these succulent bivalves. Why? Using an oyster knife to open these hard-shelled critters is difficult, time consuming, extremely dangerous, and often causing injury to the individual who decided to undertake this unpleasant task. After viewing several methods of oyster shucking and oyster opening equipment and finding them lacking, Sherry and Larry decided to create an oyster shucker that would out perform and be safer than any other oyster tool/machine on the market.

Oyster Plate And so, a star is born...the Aw Shucks! Oyster Shucker. The original unit opened more than 100,000 oysters without a single injury. Larry & Sherry's stainless steel oyster opener can open oysters as fast as the professionals. The AW SHUCKS! Oyster Shucker is stainless steel, opens the oyster horizontally and is the only oyster opener which keeps the shell out of the meat and the brine/liquor in the shell.

King Eider's Pub became well known for Oysters On The Half Shell and currently opens as many as 1,000 per week. Every employee is capable of opening and serving a dozen oysters in a matter of minutes. In either home or business the AW Shucks! Oysters Shucker is the only oyster opener that you can trust to be completely safe and easy to use.

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