“This Oyster Shucker is for serious oyster eaters”

October 2012 Downeast Magazine of Maine

Allow us to introduce the Aw Shucks Oyster Shucker … a revolutionary, “wicked good”, stainless steel oyster opener, as featured on the Tech TV program, “INVENT THIS”.


Whether our stainless steel oyster opener is used in the home by an inexperienced oyster shucker, in a restaurant or in a retail or wholesale business, be assured that the AW SHUCKS! Oyster Shucker will provide an injury free environment. Anyone can use it with no learning curve and a minimal chance of injury.

Our mission at AW SHUCKS! is to provide an injury free oyster opener allowing more people to enjoy those sweet, salty, succulent bivalves without the worry of a routine visit to the Emergency Room.



“Larry, you are the Rembrandt of oyster shuckers”.

~ Jamie Wyeth, Artist and Oyster Lover, Coast of Maine

“Hey Larry It’s working great. We are shuckin thousands of oysters a week and it’s doing great. Makes the job much easier. Hope you can come back to Cedar Key soon!

~ Dennis Gill, Steamers Clam Bar & Grille, Cedar Key Fla.


How to Safely Shuck an Oyster

Opens horizontally and keeps the juices in the shell (Oysters and Clams)

Aw Shucks Oyster Shucker