Aw Shucks Oyster Shucker Commercial Reviews

The Best Commercial Oyster Shucker on the Market!

“Let me tell you about my life with the AW Shucks! Rarely does anything exceed expectations, but this is one that does. It is well constructed, clean and strong. The blade is like a section of my old farm tractor’s bar mower and easy to use. The design of horizontal operation is very important that no “bon” juices are lost. It works well and is quick. Overall, wonderfully great job!”

Mike & Yvonne Thompson

Owners, Cuz's Uptown BBQ Restaurant, Pounding Mill, Virginia

“Finally, a fast, easy, and safe way to open oysters”.

Bill Mook

Owner, Mook Sea Farms, Walpole, Maine

“We are very happy with the design and have had it for two years. It is very easy to use.”

Phil Koskela

Chef, Rocktide Inn & Restaurant, Boothbay Harbor, Maine

“You were right! In the past six months we shucked 9,000 oysters with the AW Shucks! Oyster Shucker. Not one single injury. The shucker worked flawlessly, and it was simple to train our staff… The Aw Shucks! truly gave us the one up on our competition.”

Todd Mauer

President and Owner , King Eider's Pub, Damariscotta, Maine

“AW Shucks! has integrated the way we promote raw bars. With this well needed piece of equipment we can shuck hundreds of oysters in a matter of minutes. The safest way to shuck oysters…and a pearl of a buy! Seriously, it has been well used”.

Robert J. Mancuso

CEC, Executive Chef, The Country Club, Chestnut Hill, MA

“My family and I would like to express how happy we are with your oyster shucker. Doing them with the traditional knife was impossible to keep up with the volume. Your shucker not only meets the order, but we have not had one injury related to shucking. We like it so much, that we ordered a second one for when we run extended specials. Thanks again for a great product”.

Keith Cipielewski

Owner/Mgr, Siesta Key Oyster Bar, Siesta Key, Florida

“Aw Shucks! is one of the things I can’t do without. Quick, easy to use, and safe! Experience is not needed to use the Aw Shucks!..I love your shucker!”

Bill Hansen

President, Leading Caterers of America

“Works great, bought a second one for the raw bar”.


Business Mgr., Robinson's Wharf, Southport Island, Maine

“The best way to quickly open oysters safely”.

Tim Pierce

Executive Chef, Samoset Resort, Rockland, Maine

“We shuck between 400-500 oysters a day with your AW SHUCKS OYSTER OPENER and we think AW SHUCKS and our Kuerig coffee machine are the best inventions in the last 5 years.”

Roy Moore

Owner, Roy More Lobster - Rockport, MA

“Larry, I just got your shucker today and have already put it to use. I introduced it to my employees and showed them how to use it ONCE, and they are shucking out oysters in half the time as before and having a blast doing it. They are extremely happy as am I, and when I opened my first oyster, the first sentence out of my mouth was “ THIS THING IS WICKED!”. Your slogan could not have stated it better. You have invented in my book, the best oyster shucker out there not to mention safest and I thank you kind sir!”

David Kim

Owner, Redondo Beach Crab House

“Larry, First, I’d like to say your opener is the best thing I’ve ever purchased for the kitchen. We have all enjoyed the act of opening since we received the AwShucks. It is so easy to use, and SAFE! Thanks very much.”

Robby Beaver

Owner, The Frisky Oyster

“Hey Larry It’s working great. We are shuckin thousands of oysters a week and it’s doing great. Makes the job much easier. Hope you can come back to Cedar Key soon!

Dennis Gill

Owner, Steamers Clam Bar & Grille, Cedar Key Florida

“In the course of our work for an oyster breeding program, we have been shucking oysters by hand in order to “strip” out oyster eggs and fertilize them. This requires a careful but quick hand – we routinely need to shuck and “harvest” eggs from around 200 oysters at a time as rapidly, and cleanly, as possible. In the past this has resulted in long days and, occasionally, self-injury (not being particularly expert shuckers)…The Aw Shucks! Oyster Shucker has helped immensely, making this task much quicker and safer. Wish we had purchased one sooner”.

Scott Feindel

Hatchery Manager, Darling Marine Center, Oyster Breeding Program, Walpole, Maine

“A new, fast way to open oysters safely! This product could open new markets for the aquaculture industry.”

Peter & Susan McBean

Alluvion Farm, Cushing, Maine

Made in the USA

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“Larry, you are the Rembrandt of oyster shuckers”.
~ Jamie Wyeth, Artist and Oyster Lover, Coast of Maine

“Larry, I was impressed with your AW SHUCKS oyster opener. I added a blog post last week. It seems great for restaurants”
~ Rowan Jacobsen – THE OYSTER GUIDE

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