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Consumers from all over the world love the safety, ease and speed of the Aw Shucks Oyster Opener

“Love the Shucker, it’s terrific!”.

Chuck Eoleuc

Rhode Island

The AW SHUCKS OYSTER OPENER is simply awesome. We use it all the time. Thank you and your commitment to customer service is fantastic…


“Larry, you are the Rembrandt of oyster shuckers”.

Jamie Wyeth

Artist and Oyster Lover, Coast of Maine

Been opening oysters and clams with my good friend for about 5 years now as side hobby on weekends for all kinds of parties. After running an oyster knife through my hand twice in three months, I figured there must be an easier, safer and better way to open these delicious shellfish. A little internet search revealed your incredible device. Three years and thousands of oysters later without injury or complaint, I have to commend you on the Aw Shucks! Oyster Shucker. Truely a safe, efficient and easy to use tool to get the job done. Everyone who sees it in use is amazed at how well it works and I recommend it to anyone who loves oysters. A great investment!
Thanks so much!

Chris and Mike

The "Shuck You" Guys April, 2017

“I have always hesitated to buy oysters as I am not good with a traditional oyster knife. I shucked 35 oysters last night with your AW SHUCKS opener, with ease. We now have establishhed a new Christmas Eve tradition-with the help of your wonderful oyster shucker. Thanks!

Warren Miskell


Subject: Re: Opening Clams:
Thanks Larry, I love the opener. I headed out to my dock to try out the opener on clams. During the summer I always keep clams in baskets hanging from my dock. I also have both the large and small AW SHUCKS blade arms. It worked just as advertised! A little more work in cleaning out the clam than an oyster, but that is to be expected with two muscles instead of just one. I love raw clams and this has made it so easy.
Thanks again!

John Olkowski

October 2016

“Well, Larry, I got my awshucks and my oysters but there was a MAJOR PROBLEM…… my son started using it and wouldn’t let me try it!  Wasn’t until the next day that I actually got to use it.
HA HA!  Love it!  Can’t wait to eat more oysters!

Irene Clum

Germantown, New York October 2016

“Hi Larry,
I received the AwShucks oyster shucker several days ago. I am very impressed with the quality of material used and workmanship.
I used it last evening and it is so very easy to use. No fighting opening an oyster and worrying that one may slice their hand with an oyster knife.
I will definitely recommend this product to my friends who enjoy eating raw oysters.
Thank you again from very satisfied customer.”

Jon LeRoyer

Portland, ME 8/8/16

“Hi Larry,
This is a FANTASTIC invention. I’ve never opened an oyster before but after opening two oysters with your device I felt like a pro. It’s quick, easy and most important – it’s safe. It’s so well made too. I really like that it opens the oysters horizontally so all of the juice stays with the oyster. Who knew that opening oysters could be so easy. Thank you for making such a great device.”

Charlotte Keith

Ocean Bluff, MA, 6/9/2016

“Gotta tell Ya – awesome tool! Not only does it work… it is flawless! Well done, what a great, well thought out, functional oyster opener. the oyster shucker I purchased was a birthday gift for my wife, she loves oysters… She loves the awshucks oyster opener… she is very happy. Thank you!!”

Ed Weikman

Rhode Island, 6/6/2016

“After a lifetime of opening oysters with a knife, and with several serious cuts, I can finally open oysters quickly, easily, and SAFELY. We opened 100 oysters in 3 days, and what used to be a treat, I now eat a couple of times a week. I will probably go broke buying oysters, and it is ALL YOUR FAULT. Thank you for making such an outstanding product that does everything you say it does. I never worry about hurting myself and I would recommend your opener to anyone that likes oysters.”
Many thanks!

Chris Brown

2/29/2016 Connecticut

“Larry, We received it today, went out and bought oysters right away. We opened 18 with ease, I am impressed. No more bruises on the palm of my hand or having to worry about stabbing myself! Thank goodness we saw your ad in a magazine, your product is AWESOME, and we will put it to good use.”

Mark Riehl

2/19/2016 Wisconsin

“Hello Larry, I purchased one of your board mounted shuckers three years ago for a our first “Mother Shucker” party here in Sioux Falls, SD. I overnight 20 to 25 dozen oysters from Damariscota, ME for this once a year event. To say the least, your “Aw Shucks” shucker board saves the day with its ability to effortlessly shuck that many oysters in a very short period of time. Our next gig is Aug. 1, 2015 and I am looking forward to the event. Our oyster provider’s theme is “You don’t make friends with salad” How true!”

Herm Martin

"Chief Mother Shucker" - 6/30/2015

“Larry, An Awesome product! You are a genius. You and I spoke on the phone when I ordered “Aw Shucks” — my wife had seen it at a friend’s home, and told me that we had to buy one. And she was right! The day it arrived, we served 18 oysters at our home in a couple of minutes. Used to take us about a half hour! Well made product!”

Rob Schain

Chatham, MA 4/18/13

“Larry, I was impressed with your AW SHUCKS oyster opener. I added a blog post last week. It seems great for restaurants”

Rowan Jacobsen


“Larry, I have been using your shucker for over two years. It is fantastic. I raise oysters on Chesapeake and let them grow to 4 to 5 inches. Only your shucker can handle them and it has made life great. I no longer dread it when my wife says, how about 4 doz tonight for friends.”

Phil Davis

Montross, Virginia - 12/31/2014

“Larry,Your oyster opener is working great. I hope to use it for many more years. I’ll be 94 year old in October!”

Willard Rhodes

6/17/2013 - Southern Pines, North Carolina

“In my first two weeks with your AW SHUCKS opener, I shucked over three bushels and all my buddies were very impressed with it. I made 5 gallons of oyster stew, and I shucked a bushel in less than an hour, the best I ever did. I wish you could have seen their faces when I started using it. Thanks, we love it”.

Mark Lotz

12/30/2013 Middle River, Md.

“Great Invention – Well Done!!!”

Tom Tempest-Radford

Dorset, United Kingdom

“Let me tell you about my life with the AW Shucks! Rarely does anything exceed expectations, but this is one that does. It is well constructed, clean and strong. The blade is like a section of my old farm tractor’s bar mower and easy to use. The design of horizontal operation is very important that no “bon” juices are lost. It works well and is quick. Overall, wonderfully great job!”

Mike & Yvonne Thompson

Owners of Cuz's Uptown BBQ Restaurant, Pounding Mill, Virginia

“The AW Shucks! Oyster Shucker is the best thing I’ve ever had for shucking oysters quickly and safely. No more getting cut up or almost stabbing myself in the hand from trying to open oysters with an oyster knife. Being made of stainless steel, it is easy to clean, and you can shuck a tray of oysters safely in minutes. In your own home with friends around, and you are serious about shucking your own oysters safely and quickly, this is the shucker to own. Thanks for such a fine product”.

Allen D. Smith, JR.

Moore, Oklahoma

“This thing works like a champ…safe, easy…and yes, more oysters per meal”.

Jacque Touzet

New Orleans, La.

“I bought this shucker for my husband three years ago, and since then we haven’t had any visits to the ER due to a sliced hand. We use the shucker all the time and take it with us to our weekend summer home. It allows you to easily open an oyster without the worry of puncturing your hand. This shucker is wonderful – we don’t shuck oysters without it”.

Tricia Kunst

Davidsonville, MD.

“I wish I would have had one 30 years ago. It is the best money I have ever spent on anything! Thank you, I Love it!”


Guyton, Georgia

“The shucker works as advertised, fantastic actually, as my learning curve to open oysters was 1 oyster. Using the mounted version on a cutting board makes it easy.”

John Mohr

Muscongus, Maine

Made in the USA

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Product Reviews

“Larry, you are the Rembrandt of oyster shuckers”.
~ Jamie Wyeth, Artist and Oyster Lover, Coast of Maine

“Larry, I was impressed with your AW SHUCKS oyster opener. I added a blog post last week. It seems great for restaurants”
~ Rowan Jacobsen – THE OYSTER GUIDE

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